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We're kinda funny.

We are also the entire creative and business team behind 6th Floor Productions.

... Did we mention we're both women? Women who love and work in film. Right now is an exciting time in film and television and although there is still a dearth of complex female characters out there today, things are changing! We are excited to be a part of that change! We constantly strive to create work with a strong yet feminine voice, because women can be bad asses and should be portrayed as such.

We have numerous projects in development, production, and post-production. Including short and feature films, new media and docudramas.

Feel free to CONTACT US if you'd like to collaborate!

Jennifer Hanley

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Jennifer fell in love with filmmaking at a very young age, acting in school plays and directing her friends in homemade movies. From there she worked her way through various departments of Development, Production, and Post Production. Jennifer has studied acting in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Most recently she Directed and Produced the film Tarab. Jennifer was also the Post Production Coordinator on Ron Howard's Inferno and was an Associate Producer on the film Decay.

Leila Bicos

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Leila didn't discover her passion for acting and filmmaking until much later in life, when she abandoned a PhD program in Psychology for acting classes and an internship for Dustin Hoffman at Punch Productions. She has acted in several award-winning short films and features. Her theater performances have been written about in The New Yorker and Theatermania. Most recently she has been writing and performing stand up comedy while independently consulting on scripts.

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